Tissue Flowers: Fiesta Inspired Cake

I was in search for an easy tutorial on how to make tissue flowers for a fiesta theme wedding cake I was commissioned to make. Inspired by this cake, my client wanted me to incorporate tissue flowers into the decor of her wedding cake to add a pop of color and texture. So the search was on and with so many tutorials online I found that using this technique I’m about to show you worked best for smaller size flowers.
Here is how I did it: Start with tissue paper cut into 3-4 inch circles (if you need smaller flowers make the circles smaller).

Take one of the circles and using regular craft glue dab a drop and pinch the tissue in the middle to create ruffles like so:
For each flower make about 3-4 pinched circles and glue them together onto the center of an un-pinched circle.
This is what your flowers will look like once all the pieces are put together
For this project I used bright green, pink, orange and blue to achieve the fiesta look. For the final cake design I also incorporated ruffled fondant flowers using the same color scheme to add a slightly different texture to the flower pattern, which I think worked out well.
Colorful and festive, don’t you think? Thanks for visiting! xo Karina


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