Handmade Rubber Stamps

If your looking for a quick and easy way to vamp up your paper crafts, here is an easy tutorial on how to make handmade rubber stamps with a few bucks and a little bit of time. With this DIY I was able to give a few of my projects that last minute but thoughtful detail it needed. IMG_4343

Here is how I did it:

I began with these oversized erasers I picked up at the dollar store, yup for a dollar!

I then printed out the graphic I needed to the correct size of the eraser. You can also just draw your desired image on the eraser but make sure you mirror the image cause it will stamp on paper the wrong way if you don’t. This particular graphic was for a very good friend of mine from Nutty or Nice who wanted her logo made into a stamp. You can always draw your own design or find something online that you can kindly borrow or get inspiration from 🙂IMG_4333

Next I traced the graphic with a dark soft pencil to be able to transfer the image onto the eraser.


Flip the traced image onto the eraser and rub the back. Careful not to move the image while rubbing it, otherwise your outline will be all over the place. IMG_4335

Your should have a rough transfer like the image below. Retrace the transferred image with your pencil so its dark enough to see during the carving process.


With an X Acto knife I started carving the negative space of my image. This is all determined by how you want to see your design displayed when you stamp it on paper. Below is my rough carving and like I mentioned its not perfect but rustic. If you would like more precision you can invest in a Speedball carving kit like this, which will probably make your design look a lot sharper.

Like I said these are a bit rough but I kind of like the imperfect look to them, dont you? Here are a few other carvings I made with left over scraps of the eraser, Gift Tag Stamp ( I used on my Christmas gifts), Snail Mail stamp ( I kindly borrowed graphic from Wine Makers Sister) and Simple Heart Stamp (I drew on my own, such talent 🙂 IMG_4343
If you want to get a little fancy glue the rubber stamp to the back of a piece of wood for a sturdier grip. Thats what I did for the Nutty or Nice cupcake stamp which I found gives you a better silhouette.

Hope you enjoyed! Happy carving 🙂 xo Karina


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