A Colorful Felt Ribbon Garland


We are down to the last hoorah for the holidays and for those of us (yes, this includes mua) who waited until the last minute to get into the spirit here is an easy peasy way to bring in some pizzazz into your space for the holidays with this colorful felt ribbon garland.  Here is how I did it:

I started with a various colors of felt and of course I chose to keep it vibrant and colorful. This can change based on your taste or decor, it is all up to you. I then cut the felt into 8in x 1in strips, you can play around with these dimension to achieve the look you want.


As you can tell from the picture, I weaved the strips together with a needle and thread starting from the bottom then up,then bottom, then up and so forth (you can use a thicker thread if you would like, but this is what I had on hand).


Do this until you have collected and weaved all your strips of felt to look like this:


Secure the ends with a knot when you have your desired length. Use it to decorate your tree, your door, your dog…or maybe not the dog but you get my drift 🙂


The nice thing about this garland is that you can use it for your holiday decor or for any other party or occasion. Improvise and use colors that will match your color style and theme.



And thats all folks, hope you guys enjoy! Happy Holidays 🙂


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