A Rustic Wedding

Soon after my little sister got engaged, she and her fiancé decided love would wait for no one and set a date immediately. With six months to plan and on a small budget we all put our creative minds together and were on a mission to help with what we could. Since this wedding was to be simple and rustic, many of the wedding details allowed for the “handmade” look to be a part of the overall scheme. Here are a few of the handmade details we were able to create to make this wedding a success:

Wedding Cake and Handmade Wood Toppers: Coming from a family of cake artist without a doubt we took on the task of recreating a cake my sister fell in love with online which looked a little something like this found at Belle the Magazine Blog.Lace-Wedding-Cake-4

And here is our version, not quite the same but the elements of simplicity and elegance were captured perfectly.
Joey and Mari-073

Handmade invitations: The invitations were inspired by this image found on Pinterest c495a9e63643036837162bd9c3aa3c8f

and here is our version

IMG_0079 IMG_0080

Flower Bouquet:
Joey and Mari-017

Party Favors and Boutonnieres:

IMG_0460Joey and Mari-044
Not too bad with a little time and effort, huh? Well, that is all for todays nugget of DIY inspiration, hope you enjoy. xo Karina


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