Chocolate Covered Heart Strawberries

With Mother’s Day right around the corner I went in search of a simple and inexpensive way of giving a little love for all the mothers in my life. So I went in search of a something nice, easy and inexpensive and came across this tutorial from 1 fine cookie. Here’s how I did it:Stawberries 1 Strawberries 2Strawberries 3Strawberries 4IMG_3425Strawberries 6Strawberries 7IMG_3434Strawberries 8IMG_3449IMG_3467IMG_3472
Just a few side notes, make sure you have some sort of foam to insert drying strawberries, I didn’t think about this so I ended up using a lettuce head. I also put them in the freezer for a about 10-15 seconds in between coats to make sure strawberry pieces stuck well. Last but not least use sturdy lollipop sticks, I used some wimpy wooden sticks I had on hand but they were not strong enough to hold the weight of the larger strawberries. These turned out pretty good I think and could easily be used for any theme party or wedding. Hope you enjoyed.
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