Beet Dye: A Tea Towel Makeover

It is no surprise that I enjoy  some good thrifting now and then; whether its a yard sale, a flea market or a thrift shop, there is nothing like finding awesome pieces at awesome prices. Among my collection are a few vintage tea towels that I have stored away and finally got the courage to give them a makeover. For this project I was highly inspired by my fiance who absolutely LOVES beets. As you know, beets have a natural deep red-ish pigment that can be used as a natural dye. Every time I cooked beets for my fiance I was always left with a beautiful pool of beet dye, so I experimented and here are the results.Beet 1Beets 2IMG_3401Beet 3IMG_3404IMG_3403IMG_3405Beet 4IMG_3408Beet 5IMG_3412IMG_3436IMG_3443 Neat, huh?! As you can tell the pattern is not perfect but I love the water color effect it has. Hope you enjoy! xo Karina


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