Heart Stamped Wedding favors


Just a little background on this project, I was commissioned by my younger sister to make some party favors for her wedding and since she and her fiance are on a very low budget, I decided to gather materials that I already had in stock to make her something simple, cost efficient and pretty.

So this is what I started with: a straggly old eraser that has been sitting in a drawer for a who knows how long, Foam letters I bought at the dollar store, X-acto knife, Ink pad for stamping, roll of brown paper which I bought at the dollar store, yes for a buck, a sewing machine and candy to fill the favors (I made mine, i’ll post recipe a little later)

For the eraser: draw your desired heart shape onto the eraser and take your X-acto knife and cut around the shape until you have your heart shape embossed off the surface.


For the party favor: take a strip of brown paper any size you desire ( I used approx. 7″x 3.5″ strip), fold in half and glue the sides (not the top) together.  


Stamp your design on the front of the paper, I used their initials with the heart design on the middle and their wedding date below. Using your machine sew the sides of the favor with a colored thread.  Insert candy,  sew the top and Done!

Update:  Just wanted to add a few variations I have done after my original design attempt to show how versatile these party favors can be, so enjoy and happy crafting 🙂



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